Glassy Chapel Concerts 2021 


May 11:  Storyteller, ballad singer and multi-instrumentalist, Josh Gogorth,                        will keep you entertained -- and laughing -- sharing his Appalachian                         heritage.


June 8:  Don't think you like country music?  Try listening to Greg Payne and                 the Piedmont Boys -- you will be changing your tune.


July 13:  With beach music, rhythm and blues, and variety music, The                                   Carolina Coast Band, featuring vocalist Rhonda McDaniels, will                          have you tapping your feet.


August 10:  Trish Oney, an extremely talented vocalist, will captivate you with                    her gorgeous, smooth voice.  She will be accompanied by Adam Knight                    to present The Divas and Masters of Jazz.


September 14:  Queen Bee and the Honeylovers, with more than a touch of                  nostalgia, are an unabashedly joyful swing band.  Canceled 


October 12:  Elvis is coming.  Need we say more?


November 9:  The Rhythm Muscle Band, with lead vocalist Dana Bradley,                        will perform songs by artists such as Cool and the Gang, Fleetwood                          Mack, Etta James, etc.    



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