2019 Chapel Concerts


March 12   The Sound Committee, a five-piece band, will sing and play a                              variety of the songs you know and love.


April 9      With an "old-timey" look and sound, Bill and the Belles music                               might be described as country/folk/indie, but they are so completely                       unique and entertaining.


May 7       Carolina Blue (Bluegrass) has been received with great enthusiasm                       at Glassy and features a young fiddle player who is the only person to                       have won both the Canadian and U.S. Grand Master fiddle                                         championship.


June 11    Twins, talent, sheer intensity and musical innovation provide the           

                  cornerstone of the Synergy Twins performance on Electric         

                 Violins.  Exciting music - pop, classic rock, Americana, classical and 

                 Celtic.  You won't want to miss this concert!


July 9      Based in Nashville, The Arcadian Wild explores a unique acoustic                       sound that is simultaneously unified and diverse.


Aug. 13   Storyteller, ballad singer and multi-instrumentalist, Josh Goforth                        will keep you entertained sharing his Appalachian heritage.


Sept. 10  Jacob Johnson will MC a Talent Show as well as                                                    entertaining his audience while votes are cast and tabulated for the                          winning young artist.


Oct. 8    The audience did not want them to stop last year when Tuxedo                               Junction presented a variety of the songs we remember from the                           50's, 60's, and 70's.


Nov. 12  Center Stage, a professional theater company based in                                             Greenville will present a variety of music from their repertoire.  


All Chapel Concerts begin at 6:00 pm at The Glassy Chapel, unless otherwise indicated.

Let the fun and fellowship continue at the Glassy Clubhouse for dinner!


Reservations required for dinner.  Please contact the Glassy Concierge for reservations or more information at 864-895-0222.

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