About The Chapel

          With so many new residents at Glassy, Valley, and Mountain Park, the Glassy Mountain Chapel Committee thought it would be helpful to offer a primer on the Chapel: 

  • The Chapel was built by The Cliffs developer in 1994 on land he donated--the most prominent lot on Glassy Mountain.  Seating capacity is 200.
  • It is open every Sunday from dawn to dusk for visits by Cliffs residents and their guests.  A key can be obtained from Tuesday through Saturday at the concierge desk in the Glassy clubhouse. Visits must be scheduled around normal Chapel activities (e.g., weddings and rehearsals).
  • It is a Glassy amenity that is unique among the Cliffs communities, providing a beautiful setting for concerts, worship services, and weddings. During the spring and fall wedding seasons, there may be up to three ceremonies on any given Saturday.

          The Chapel is owned by the Cliffs and administered jointly with the Glassy Mountain Chapel Committee, composed of Glassy, Valley, and Mountain Park residents.  The Committee sponsors:

  • Non-denominational Sunday morning worship services from May through September, hosting different pastors and soloists weekly.
  • Easter, Christmas Eve, and Hanging of the Greens services.
  • Once-a-month evening concerts (usually April through November) featuring a wide variety of musical offerings by professional performers.
  • Two annual retreats--a one-day session at Glassy in the fall and spring (May 18, 2022) and a two-day Regina Hersey Retreat at The Cove in Asheville.
  • The Chapel Committe welcomes residents of the Cliffs Community to any and all of these activities.   

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